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Five Reasons Why Hiring a Professional Window Cleaner is a Good Idea

Whether you are getting ready to sell your house or you simply want a clear view of the outdoors, having your windows professionally cleaned once or twice a year is an important part of maintaining the value and appearance of your home. Here are 5 reasons why you might want to hire a qualified professional to do the job. 1 — You’re Safe For those of you living in single-story homes this may not be much of a problem, but for those of you with homes two-stories tall or taller…or who may not be so safe up on a ladder…having a professional take over the task could be a wise choice. Let the pros do what the pros do and keep your feet on the ground. 2 — The Windows are Cleaner Face it. Most of us don’t know how to use a squeegee very well and there’s definitely a skill to wielding one. The pros not only know how to use a squeegee, but also know which cleaners to use on what type of windows without damaging them. After all, what’s the point of spending all the effort to do the job yourself only to realize the next day that you missed a spot—or several spots—on hard-to-reach window panes or that you’ve unknowingly ruined the glass? 3 — It’s Faster Professionals—who perform a task multiple times in a day or a week—naturally build up speed. According to one pro, he could “finish a project that would take a homeowner five hours in less than half the time.” 4 — Windows Last Longer Most good window cleaners aren’t up on their ladders with all their special equipment only cleaning your windows. They’re also noticing potential problem areas in and around your home you might miss. For example, the pros watch for bee and hornet nests behind window shutters or ladybugs living in the window channels, making windows hard to open. A pro will also take note of wherever windows are damaged, painted shut, have broken seals or bad screens. Their observations can save you money by helping you take care of small problems before they become big. 5 — Makes Your Home Worth More When it comes to selling your home, sparkling clean windows are definitely more appealing then dingy, dirty ones. Who wants to buy—or pay top dollar—for a home with filthy windows? Buyers need to be attracted to a home. They need to feel welcomed. And nothing is more welcoming than a home that is totally clean…inside and out! Potential buyers should be able to peer through your home’s windows without worrying about getting dirty noses and hands if they touch the glass. What’s the bottom line? Whether you’re staying in your home or getting it ready to sell, clean windows can improve the quality of your home’s living space and its overall appearance. If you also want to save time, money—and keep your feet safely on the ground—then consider hiring a window-cleaning pro.

by Beverly Pogue and Lindsey Lundholm

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